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 Consultant on Aging

 Families/Seniors seeking

information, resources, recommendations, assessments etc. 

Eldercare/Aging Professional​ 20 years

Denver Geriatric Care Manager, Senior Care Consultant, Denver  Aging/Eldercare professional

Jan D. Somers MSW LCSW BCD

Certificate in Gerontology

Consultant on Aging 

Denver Geriatric Care Manager, Senior Care Consultant, Denver  Aging/Eldercare professional


 Geriatric /Eldercare Consultation

My father has passed away and my mother who suffered from dementia for several years recently passed away. As an adult child of an aging parent myself, I know what families are dealing with and what it takes to plan and navigate aging services for the present and the future. I've also been a Medicare Hospice,Home Health and Psychotherapy provider. As a Consultant on Aging for years, it would be my pleasure to assist you and your family. 


Hourly Consultation- Comprehensive Assessments 


As your family member ages...


Overseeing the care, health, and well-being of your elderly loved one is a challenging and all-encompassing  experience that affects every aspect of your life.  

---I help families successfully navigate all aspects of aging. 
---I assist families in designing their own ways to discuss and arrange

for transitions, senior services, referrals, and everything else!                              

My goal is to maximize older adults' independence, support their health, safety and well-being; foster dignity and quality of life. Creating peace of mind for all family members is vital to the process. 

Denver Geriatric Care Manager, Senior Care Consultant, Denver  Aging/Eldercare professional

Sometimes, families only need a consultant for an hour or so. In other situations, a comprehensive assessment is more effective. A comprehensive assessment is akin to building a house. This "blueprint” offers you and your family a clear direction of how to proceed today and in the future. It is specific, practical, and offers short and long term care plans, recommendations, resources, and how to plan and avoid a crisis. The blueprint is a professional and unbiased "picture" of your elderly family member.  

Prioritizing the "TO DO" list and establishing the " who, what, where, and when" that needs to be completed is the first step to a successful plan!  Click below for what is included in a comprehensive assessment.

Assessment--Consultation Services


Every family has its own unique circumstances: being an only child, living long distances, sharing the  responsibilities with siblings, or experiencing discord between family members.


Sorting out the maze of  "senior" services, ensuring that health professionals are doing their job, reputable in-home care,  Medicare-approved home health, transportation, alternative  residences, costs, etc., takes a great deal of  energy and time to research, interview, and select.   


As a consultant I can provide answers, solutions, resources, and information  for you,  your family, and you r elderly family member.  Be it for hourly consultations or a comprehensive assessment, you decide what is most appropriate for you and your family! 

SERVICE LOCATION Boulder County and nearby Denver Metro environs 


Telephone: 303.903.0526 


  If you reside out of the state of Colorado, please call me and I'll assist you with regional resources NOTE:  I do not accept any fee splitting, accepting or giving referral fees or other similar arrangements with any other party providing services to the client. These practices compromise the objectivity of  my services and, in my opinion, create the appearance of impropriety.



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