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      As relationships between parents and children are in constant flux,  so too are relationships  between siblings.  If any of your siblings are not participating in overseeing your parents’ well-being, regardless of the reason, r emember  they are doing the best they can. Every person is different in what they are capable of providing.  If your plate becomes  too full, discuss it with your siblings. Ask for their help or consider the services of a Consultant on Aging  with  clinical expertise, to mediate and resolve any problems.

Arranging, selecting, and overseeing the ever-changing responsibilities of your parent is emotional and time-consuming.  There is no way of getting around it. You become a member of a special group that is enriching and heart wrenching at the very same time.


"Only child" and Living long-distance"

I f you are overseeing your parents’ well-being or reside out of town, know that you are not alone.  Not having any support or assistance can be demanding, leaving you little time to take care of yourself and be effective in your job.

The more stress you and your family experience, the greater the           

risk of increased anxiety and worry by your parent. 

Please give me a call if I can be of assistance! 

NOTE: I do not accept any fee splitting, accepting or giving referral fees or other similar arrangements with any other party providing services to the client. These practices compromise the objectivity of my services and, in my opinion, create the appearance of impropriety.

To care with compassion takes energy, support, and time.

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