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Senior Care and Aging Consultant




Purpose: To determine current condition, strengths, limitations, risks of an individual’s capabilities; circumvent a crisis and create a plan for the future.


Areas covered


•Medical, social and psychological aspects affecting daily routine. (activities of daily living and medical needs)

•Factors that may be the cause of temporary and reversible conditions: depression, malnutrition, dehydration, mobility, trauma, medication interactions, pain assessment, alcohol use, medical history, etc.

•Level of memory, cognition, and functional capabilities, balance, gait, and fall risk

•Socialization, exercise, recreation, and transportation.

•Practical matters including legal, financial, insurance, caregivers, etc.

•Review/recommendations of Medical Directives/ Legal documents.

•Review/recommendations for Home Safety and emergency protocols.

•Staying at home vs. alternative living arrangements.

•Level of supervision, if needed

•Emergency Plan/Crisis intervention plan.


Written evaluations include recommendations, resources, current and estimated costs of long and short-term care; current/future risk levels are assessed in all areas. 


Professional reports submitted to family members, medical and legal professionals as requested or recommended.

Denver Geriatric Care Manager, Senior Care Consultant, Denver  Aging/Eldercare professional

Consultation Services

Purpose: To assist adult children and their families/seniors find solutions that work for their unique circumstances.


* Developing plans for care: current, future, and risk level

* Resolving family conflicts

* Discuss various alternative residential options, costs, quality, location, etc.

* Provide resources, referrals, information about, cognitive functioning,(i.e. dementia) 

*Medicare coverage, Veterans Benefits, how and when to select in-home services, etc.

* Review practical matters: legal, medical, financial, insurance documents, etc.

* Provide home safety evaluations and emergency protocols.

* Address specific solutions to each family's concerns/circumstances.

                I'd be delighted to talk with you about your specific situation

NOTE: I do not accept any fee splitting, accepting or giving referral fees or other similar arrangements with any other party providing services to the client. These practices compromise the objectivity of my services and, in my opinion, create the appearance of impropriety.

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